2017 Caroling Trip Information

When: December 24th

Time: 9pm - 6:30am

Age: 15 and up (Priority given to older teens first)

Cost: $5.00

MOT: Charter Bus (Priority given to FRPC Youth)

Capacity: 53ppl

House Caroling Sign-Up:

- Sign-Up will start: November 19th, 2017 - December 10th, 2017

- If you want to sign-up please fill out the sign-up form at church, fill out the form on our mobile app or you may also go to https://goo.gl/9SYXUw

- There will be NO more houses signed up after December 10th due to the fact that the itinerary needs to be sent to the Bus Company by December 12th, 2017.

- We will be starting in the Dearborn Area this year.

Bus Caroling Sign-Up:

- Cost: $5

- Sign-Up will start: November 26th, 2017

- Bus has power outlets so bring your chargers

- NO SEAT RESERVATIONS, must pay to get your seat

- NO REFUNDS, one you pay, that is it. Can't make it anymore, find someone else to replace you on the bus and have them pay you their money.

- See Joel Herman to pay for the bus.

Caroling Rules:

- If you want to come caroling, you come for the whole time. If you can't stay up the whole night, stay home!

- Only teens that are 15yrs old will be allowed to come, if you aren't 15yrs old by December 24th, YOU CAN'T COME!

- If you come, you come to sing and carol, not goof around. If you cause trouble, you will be asked to leave.

- Clean up after yourselves at each house, and leave the place neat, NOT A PIG-FIELD!

- If any house reports a problem, there will be NO caroling the following year! (It only takes ONE house to complain!)

Caroling Driving Rules:

- The driver must be 21yrs old! NO EXCEPTIONS! No passengers younger than 16yrs allowed in the car!

- You may only have the same number of passengers as there are sear-belts in the car.

- All passengers must sign a Release of Liability Form.

- You are responsible to follow the bus to the next destination, you will NOT be given the address of the houses.