2018 Caroling Trip Information

When: December 24th

Time: 9pm - 6:30am

Age: 15 and up (Priority given to older teens first)

MOT: Church Van or Personal Vehicle


Caroling Information:

- When: December 24 - 25, 2018

- Time: Leave church at 9pm - Arrive back around 5-6am

- Age Limit: 15yrs and older, if you aren't 15yrs old by December 24th, YOU CAN'T COME!

- Start in the Ann Arbor/Saline area first then head to Dearborn area last.

- We will be having 2 caroling groups with a maximum of 40 people per group!

- You will be able to choose which list (A or B) they want to go on. Once the lists hit 40 people, that is it!!! This includes drivers!!!

- If one list hits 40 people, and there is room on the other, you will be notified about choosing to be moved over to the other list.

- So plan ahead if you are coming, no last minute sign-ups!!!


- Caroling List Sign-Up Click Here


- This was put in place as a courtesy to our hosts, who have requested for smaller groups in the home as some people do to not have big enough houses to host 100 people.


Caroling Practices:

- Below are the dates when we will be practicing for caroling. We ask that you attend one if possible of the practices below.

- Wed. Nov. 14

- Wed. Nov. 21

- Wed. Nov. 28

- Wed. Dec. 5

- Wed. Dec. 12

- Wed. Dec. 19


Van Information:

We will be having 15 passenger vans this year instead of a bus.


Driving Information:

- Driver must be 21yrs old, NO EXCEPTIONS

- No one under the age of 16yrs old allowed in the car

- Number of passengers must not exceed the number of seat belts.

- All passengers + driver must sign a release of liability form (attached to this email)

House Sign-Up:

- Available through our mobile app, at church or on our website (frpcdetroit.com)

- Deadline: Sunday, December 16th, 2018

- Please let your parents know about signing up. If you have a small house I would encourage you to sign-up, I would prefer to be able to carol outside at a few houses.

- Caroling House Sign-Up Click Here


General Caroling Rules:
- If you want to come caroling, you come for the whole time. If you can't stay up the whole night, stay home!

- If you come, you come to sing and carol, not goof around. If you cause trouble, you will be asked to leave.

- Clean up after yourselves at each house, and leave the place neat, NOT A PIG-FIELD!

- If any house reports a problem, there will be NO caroling the following year! (It only takes ONE house to complain!)

If you have any questions please contact me at joel@frpcdetroit.com or 734-787-4421