Ekklesia Bible Ministry

   Ekklesia Bible College was founded at the initiative of several Romanian Pastors living in US and Romania. It is intended to be a Bible School for believers of all ages. They must have been baptized in water, and have the calling for God`s ministry. In addition, they must be active members of a local church.
    This college functions as a branch of the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest, targeting students abroad. The courses of this school are held twice a month in several US cities. The Detroit Campus was founded in October of 2003, when over 50 Romanians from all local churches enrolled for classes. The students in each church are organized in groups and coordinated by a leader who keeps contact with the board of the college. In 2008 the first series of students graduated, and in January of 2014 the second series of students graduated.

Website: www.ekklesiadetroit.org

ITP Rector - Bucharest: Dr. Nelu Brie

Dorin Druhora, M.Div.
Gavril Costea, M.Div.
Crini Ştefan, M.Div, Ph.D.
Simion Timbuc, M.Div.
Florin Câmpean, M.Div., Ph.D.
John Berzava, M.Th., Ph.D

Useful information:

Seattle Campus:
Gabi Costea - (208) 989-6155
Ovidiu Pişcuc - (425) 830-3882

Phoenix Campus: 
Gabi Costea - (208) 989-6155
Dan Oaida - (623) 628-6020

Springfield Campus:
Dorin Druhora - (417) 862-0188

Detroit Campus: 
Simion Timbuc - (586) 268-0736
Dinu Sabou - (313) 485-7052

Chicago Campus:
Florin Câmpean - (312) 933-3019
John Berzava - (773) 418-4111